Another Word for Murder – CYBER!


It is always the innocent that are affected by other people’s actions and a cyber attack on the NHS is a heinous crime for a bunch of thieves who are putting lives at risk because they think the world owes them a living.  There is nothing clever in what they have done and obviously thinking ahead isn’t one of their greatest assets.  One day they might be waiting for an important operation or test and someone just like them might do the same and all the money in the world won’t save their lives. 

Perhaps Joe Public could blame the present Government for cutting budgets to the NHS who could update their administration department with up to date software to protect them from this sort of problem. 

Hospitals are very important to the welfare of patients which the Conservatives have tampered with many times just to save money.  It stands to reason as progress is made and new medicines are discovered the NHS needs more money to maintain levels of health for the patients and hospitals were built specifically in Eastbourne and Hastings to serve those persons living in those areas.  When the NHS was born it was a well oiled organisation and by moving certain departments to another hospital many miles away has jeopardised lives.  There have been many cases of babies being born in the back seat of a car on the way to the Conquest Hospital in Hastings.  There have also been some fatalities that have been hidden from the public. 

There was the case of the Chinese Student run over by a car outside Eastbourne DGH.  She was bundled into an ambulance and taken to the Conquest Hospital.  The welfare of the patient wasn’t being well looked after and the cost of the ambulance journey must have been enormous. 

The roads between Eastbourne and Hastings are not the best in the world because again the Tory Government have failed to keep the road surfaces clear of pot-holes.  If each year local government had surveyed the roads, they would have seen that with more houses being built and each household owning more than two cars in some cases, obviously the road traffic has tripled since the new estates were established and there would be more problems than they could handle.


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