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One in twenty British families have “ditched” their televisions according to BARB (the official data collector of British viewing habits). It has been reported that a huge portion of families don’t own a television and a large portion no longer watch television together.

Trends indicate people are watching streamed shows on computers and other devices, and catch up tv online. The traditional idea of families all sitting in the living room enjoying a family show is now a thing of the past.

To some extent I’m sure this is quite true, one reason could be the lack of traditional family orientated programming, or the fact there are programmes available on hundreds of channels, twenty-four hours a day, and there is just too much choice.

I have to wonder if the new trend of each family member watching a different television show whilst plugged into their respective devices, is in fact a bad thing. I don’t like to watch the same thing as my teenage children, or my nine year old. My husband works nights so I don’t often get to watch a programme with him in the evenings.

We all watch different shows, but we do talk to each other about what we have watched. We also avoid the awkwardness that is watching a film with someone who doesn’t understand the plot and constantly interrupts your viewing by asking stupid questions.

It is also the summer holidays, that wonderful time of the year where you are able to spend every waking moment with your precious family members. I have watched a few Disney movies, and some fantastic Horrible History episodes with my youngest child, however sometimes it is good to stick ear phones in and tune in to an episode of Benidorm, and just ignore the housework that’s piling up around me.

Anti-social? I think not. Surely it’s life-saving?


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