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Monthly Columnist Laurie Wilkinson, aka The Psychy Poet, has hit his amazing target of selling 1,000 of his books! Set about 17 months ago when his total was 540 sales, it seemed a bit optimistic at the time.

You may wonder what is so “amazing” at selling 1,000 books, so to put it in perspective Laurie’s publisher, “My Voice Publishing” advised that now there could be around 100.000 new books published each year, of which LESS than ONE thousand will sell 100 books in their lifetime. Thus selling 1,000 books in only three and a half years is no mean feat in the face of that number of competitors, plus the big publishing houses and the regular “number one” bestsellers and popular authors too.

In fact Laurie was told when he brought out his first published book in April 2014, “you are a first time author and nobody knows you and poetry doesn’t sell that well either”.          Now whilst recognising that he is still largely  an unknown on a worldwide scale, Laurie has brought his increasingly popular down-to-earth poetry in uncomplicated style, (though often deep and evoking of many emotions), to more and more fans who frequently buy all his books after trying one.

That he donates to the excellent charity Help for Heroes from all sales makes purchasing his reasonably priced books more desirable still! Laurie’s books are only £4.99 for each of the first three books published, with the bigger 4th and 5th books just £6.99 each. They are available on Amazon, where Laurie has multi 5 star reviews on all five of his books, but more conveniently from him directly on  07967 355236 &  You can do much worse than to buy these books for yourselves or presents for friends and family!



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I am a five times now published modern down to earth poet, originally from east London, now living in Eastbourne. I support & fund raise for the charity Help for Heroes, and also donate to them from all my book sales.

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