Flatliners (2017)


So, another remake of a film I would class as a classic. I go into the cinema thinking that it’s not going to be as good as the original. You can’t find actors of the calibre of those such as Kiefer Sutherland and Kevin Bacon now (well my sixteen year old self would say so). On the positive side, I think, maybe with the progression in cinematic technology, I could be wrong.

Regarding the film itself, I was pleasantly surprised, the storyline was almost perfectly in line with the original. A group of med students, hell bent on finding out what happens when you die, what’s not exciting about that?

Whilst disappointed with the actors, which could be due to my age, and insistence that I grew up in they hey day of cinema, and a little disappointed that the science behind the concept wasn’t explored a little further, I found myself enjoying this film.

If you are new to the film, and haven’t seen the original (which I’m sure if I revisited it now, it would be terrible) you will find it entertaining. It had more scary moments than the original, I found myself jumping out of my seat several times. I wasn’t bored, this was not a waste of a cinema ticket at all.

This remake can be forgiven, it may have been aimed at an entirely new audience but it kept my attention. A cameo appearance by Kiefer Sutherland made it even more worthwhile. So I urge you, don’t instantly condemn a remake of an old film you loved when you were younger. Give the new ones a chance, it wasn’t a cinematic triumph, but it was definitely worth a watch.


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