A ghost is defined as an apparition of a dead person that is believed to appear or to become seen and manifest to living people. The appearance is often in a cloudy or hazy form and thus not always clear if is anybody known, famous or pertaining to the person seeing the appearance. This of course often casts doubt as to the credibility or reliability of the vision, and of course of it was at night or even if the observing person had been drinking!
They may of course need a stiff drink after seeing a ghostly appearance, especially if the vision seems to be haunting them particularly, or is known to them or maybe speaks in a threatening or sinister tone. Gosh I think I need a drink as well, just thinking about it all. Anyone else for a strong drink?
Possibly I might also need a drink after the poem I’m about to post should it be actually true, rather than a poetic “licensed” suggestion, but none the less a bit sinister I think. From my 5th and latest book “Life Presented In Verse”, comes my poem called “Just a Shadow”.

Just a Shadow

The visitor comes to my door
In a cloak complete with hood,
No need to ask why he’s here
For that is understood.
As a shapeless face peers out
From darkness cast by shade,
So no eyes glare or gleam
To betray any offers made.

But I was quite familiar
With this figure’s eerie stance,
For I had seen it many times
Though often just a glance
Of fleeting dark awareness,
And cold shivers up my spine.
Though I recognised the meaning
Of this spectre that is mine.

For in those visits to me
When no words were exchanged,
I knew temptations were offered
With safe passages arranged.

But each time I had declined
To succumb to any deal,
For my integrity and reason
My visitor knew were real.

So what you ask is the meaning
Of my visitor in sombre cloak?
And why did I deny him
The offer to remove my yoke,
Of all the burdens we carry
Which at times drive us mad?
But the answer is quite simple,
In that I chose good, not bad.

For that was the decision
My ominous caller sought,
With Siren like offers
On my very being, that he sought.

Though I am no virgin soul
Who has never made wrong calls,
But always put my hand up
If I ever broke the rules.

So no conceited hat do I wear
Or a countenance all contrite,
Just a firm unwavering belief
That I try to do what’s right.

A poetic idea then, of something that may effect all of us at some time or another, (as many of my poems do), as we go through life. Perhaps it would be interesting if we could have a survey on how many people believe in ghosts. I think that in recent years more people seem to believe in UFO’s, going by the number of comments and articles etc, but of course that in an impression rather than fact. As an added suggestion perhaps all these UFO’s are bringing ghosts to us?
I wonder how many people actually DO think there are ghosts, or perhaps have had visitations or even interactions with ghosts as described in the first paragraph? Maybe people have their own definitions or thoughts about what a ghost is. Can they mean different things to individual people or groups. Yes, I think it is a subject that can grow and even require further in depth research, but fear not, we are not going to do that here.
Instead I will post another poem from my 4th book with a message, idea or suggestion about ghosts. Very aptly and appropriately cued up, comes my poem “Ghost”.


I have my own personal ghost,
You can’t see him but he’s there.
When I’m alone I talk to him
And so my existence I will share.

We discuss things when life’s difficult
And I don’t know what to do.
I am not too sure if he does talk back
But It’s like another persons view,
On what to do, or what to say,
Or maybe how best to proceed.
So I get an inner confidence
And my echoes advice I heed.

This ghost of mine is real to me
And he even has a name,
Though it’s probably no great surprise
That his and mine are the same,
For when talking I will use it
As I would address a human friend,
Knowing my ghost will be around
Until my days come to an end.

So I guess now that I am aware
That It’s my conscience not a ghost,
But to me it doesn’t matter
If having integrity I can boast!

My ghost then, but as of earlier, perhaps we all have our own ideas and thoughts? Perhaps you would care to comment and let me know….

In my next posted poem from my very first book, “Poetic Views of Life” comes a different type of “ghost” but maybe a sort of “relation” but whoooooooo know? Anyway the poem is called simply “Ghouls”


What do you really want to see?
What do you need to know?
Of peoples misery there to see
So you just have to go,
By the scene to ogle
At unwilling actors who
Are caught up in the scene
With carnage clear to view.


Is there so little in your life?
Maybe a darker side?
That takes you to a tragedy
So you can watch with pride,
That you have never suffered,
And won’t without a doubt,
For surely they deserve this
Their death and grief laid out.


Yes it takes “all kinds” I guess but I will offer a suggestion that most of us have seen people slowing down, staring or “rubbernecking” at an accident that we may have come across. Of course whilst we are interested or perhaps take as a warning to drive safely, some people have to go over the top with it, or as in the poem, “go to see”! Strange but there you are.

Well we have come a bit of a curve as usual from the start, but that is my “Poetic Style” and I believe and certainly hope that it makes this more interesting?
While you are working that out I am going to hit you with my final poem in this article called “Birds of Prey” and from my fourth book…

Birds of Prey

The circling birds were looking
For those weaknesses in you,
Any anxieties or a depression
That they can lead you to.
For these birds are more like spectres
Flying around to seek you out,
To try and make you panic
Or cause worries and self doubt.

So best run and look for cover
If you feel not at your best.
As these circling birds will swoop
And transport you to their nest,
That’s a nasty world of darkness
With crushing mental pain.
For if succumbing to your demons
You may never recover again.

How are spectre birds successful
In seeking the vulnerable out?
Maybe they have some inkling
Of any self confidence drought,
That may resonate off your bearing
Possibly seen by a nervous stance,
So beware these spirits will get you
If they suspect the slightest chance.

Thus be armoured in your standing
And don’t let these vultures win,
Because any weakness you exhibit
Will likely emanate from within.

So seek a solace and comfort
For any fears or doubt you feel,
As this will gird and protect you
When those flying spectres wheel.

So back to the suggestion then that ghosts can be very personal to us if we let them in, and can even become a part of us, rather than the initial definition of an “apparition”!
How do you feel about that? Do you see ghosts or have them visit your own person? Maybe you are very sceptical and cynical about it, which is fine, but HEY what’s that BEHIND YOU !!!! ????

And of course we are in Halloween season so don’t worry it’s probably just someone dressed up, or IS IT ???

LOL, hope you enjoyed that, and so a very small request and commercial please!
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All Best Regards, Laurie

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