I have read a report regarding the ESCC who want to close down Milton Grange and Firwood House. The head hunters are ***cllr.David.Elkin and cllr.Colin.Belsey. It’s funny that the same pattern always emerges with the Conservatives. They want to close down essential services in Eastbourne and their excuse is that the Government are introducing new cuts again which they seem to do every year, so it shouldn’t be such a shock to everyone.  With the Tories in charge of the Government doom and gloom is their catchword.  Despite all these cuts the Tory Government have made, you can be sure that the local ESCC will give themselves a huge pay rise well above the norm.

The Tories stopped always seem to be paying out on “White Elephants” instead of giving the money to well established and essential services that are needed to provide for people in need.

Millions of pounds are being spent on the ARNDALE aka THE BEACON – just think if that money was to be injected into worthwhile causes such as Eastbourne District General Hospital and establishments such as FIRWOOD HOUSE and MILTON GRANGE there wouldn’t be any need for such drastic cuts.

Quite a large selection of shops and stores have already closed down in Eastbourne Shopping Centre and moved to Retail Parks and Industrial Sites where parking is not a problem.  The Internet where you can order a Safety Pin to a Pink Elephant and in most cases with free postage and a thirty day returns policy in place is also hitting shops with products sometimes being cheaper too.

I always thought that the government were in place to serve the people, but it seems to be the opposite and it feels as though we are just third rate citizens and anything good is too good for us.

*** If you wish to send a email to Cllr David Elkin and Cllr Colin Belsey regarding Milton Grange and Firwood House – email addresses are as follows: The emails are: cllr.david.elkin@eastsussex.gov.uk and cllr.colin.belsey@eastsussex.gov.uk


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