It seems that Mail Order is once more back again with us in the form of the INTERNET and I can quite understand why persons rather purchase items from AMAZON and/or EBAY.  With credit companies giving their customers more credit than they can afford to pay back, it is the careful person who will shun the offer and keep to their budget.  Christmas tends to be the TRAP so that most people fall into the abyss of misery and when the festivities are over, there is a terrible price to pay for their enjoyment.  Local shops and stores reap the benefit from this misery and secretly and probably applaud the Credit Companies for allowing this to happen.

Our Government were supposed to curb these credit companies from exploiting the public with offers of more monies than one could afford to pay back and of course when someone gets to a magic debt the government will lend a hand through an agency to get those that have fallen into this debt to pay back and in some cases wipe the slate clean and then that has a knock on effect that the honest person has in some tangible way have to pay for out of their hard earned money.

I have an argument with a friend that shops and stores are closing because persons are purchasing their items from Amazon and Ebay – which is nonsense – shops and stores are reducing because leasing costs are too high which tends to make what they sell is at a higher price.  A good example was one of the ‘chain stores’ that had closed in the Arndale Shopping Centre in Eastbourne, because of having a superstore on the Broadway site, Hampden Park area, a stone’s throw away.


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