Natonal Poetry Day


It has been decreed that “National Poetry Day” will be Thursday 28th September, a little earlier this year as it suits people to spread the word apparently. It has also been decided and further decreed that the theme this year will be “Freedom”!
Mmmmm, not TOO much freedom in that then really, and as a forthright expressive poet who is proud to epitomise the poet Gray who said poets have “thoughts that breath and words that burn”, I will do my own thing! Of course a sense of humour is a paramount must as well, especially if reading sardonic or tongue in cheek verse!

So no fancy prose from me then, just down to earth stuff that rhymes, is easy to understand, always has a message or observation, and you will probably relate to the meaning!


Poets and Scrollers

The news comes flooding into our lives
From places nationally or world wide.
Amusing, frightening or tragically sad,
Yet from it all, it’s hard to hide.

Graphic images often feature large
As the world comes to our door.
Exposing to us the very worst of man,
As the news channels try to explore
All aspects of life to fully scrutinise
Under a glaringly microscope.
Making you angry, laugh or cry
Or possibly give up hope.

So how do we deal with a bombardment
Reeking havoc on mind and senses?
Confronting us with with manic thoughts
That causes mass upset and offences.
Some will merely just look away
Denying they have seen, or know it,
But others take it all to heart
And most likely they’re a poet.

For poets tend to write on things
With strong thoughts and burning phrases,
That encapsulates and rams it home
To the indifferent who it amazes.

So having seen it put into words
These ostriches or rock and rollers,
Still prefer to avoid any sympathy
By being just news reel scrollers.
Who turn a blind eye to sad events
Until something happens to them too.
When a poet will then come forward
To comfort their tragic view.

Facebook page = The Psychy Poet Laurie Wilkinson

All supporting Help for Heroes


About Author

I am a five times now published modern down to earth poet, originally from east London, now living in Eastbourne. I support & fund raise for the charity Help for Heroes, and also donate to them from all my book sales.

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