Oh Billy What a Mistake to Make!


Anyone thinking of buying a shed – metal or wood, avoid purchasing one from a Company who are situated somewhere in the middle of England.   My friend’s mistake was in trusting these people to deliver a shed that he ordered from their website – it was a 5’ by 9’ metal pent shed – but they palmed him off with a REJECT SHED MEASURING 3’ 11” by 9’ and tried to tell him that the roof overhang would extend to five feet.  The shed roof has a 3 inch overhang back and front and it would be jolly hard to imagine it would stretch to five feet.

They won’t deliver the shed he ordered and collect the one they have sent him.  However, they have charged my friend £333.99p for a 5 by 9 foot shed.  I suppose they’ve got to have something for their Christmas Box.

It doesn’t matter about fleecing the customers because we know how stupid they are – if we tell them it’s a five foot wide shed they’ll believe us because we’ve said so and because we are the experts.

The person that he had been in contact with was polite but he did not get anywhere and he kept on sending him their STOCK ANSWERING LETTERS hoping he would give up.  Although one of his letters had indicated the company was going to REFUND HIS MONEY AND COLLECT THE SHED – my friend is still waiting.

My friend sent 25 emails and at first they didn’t answer – just their usual thing – we have received your email and will answer in 24 hours and when the time lapsed to almost a week he decided to send off multiple emails and eventually got their attention.

As I said to my friend It’s pointless getting a letter sent from the Solicitors – it’s throwing away good money after bad and the best thing is to try and put it out of your mind and try and sell the shed.



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