It is a shame that the Government made the decision to allow shopping to include Sunday which makes seven days with no time for a rest day – but when the Government couldn’t balance their books they came up with this idea of a seven day week, although that doesn’t necessary mean Members of  the Government are going to work seven days, just some of the public who have pound sign eyes who have taken up the glove that was offered.  It is now the usual practice and it is written in cement and can’t be altered as the saying goes.

I have found that any Tory controlled government MP’s are trained to say “YES” to everything and not to ask any awkward questions about Tory decisions made and usually those ideas that have materialised have always been against the public and we usually end up paying through the nose over some ludicrous suggestion.

Some time ago the Tory control for Eastbourne closed down the Public Library in Old Town which has now won a prestigious award.  This Library is run by volunteers without funding from the local council, but then the Tory Party are renowned for shooting themselves in the foot.

Mrs May and her merry men can’t even sort out BREXIT without making a Pig’s ear out of everything.  Some persons are complaining about the amount of money we have to pay to Brussels on leaving which amounts to sixty million pounds, but as we have to pay thirty eight million a week to stay in, it seems that the money would be better spent on the failing NHS that the government have systematically made drastic cuts to and have tried to close down a successful establishment and the reason for that is that the government want people to pay for staying healthy.

The extra Bedroom Tax for Joe Public, is not for the Rich some who have over 40 bedrooms.  It is an unfair world under Tory rule – there is no level playing field.


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