Rats can come in all shapes and sizes and I have heard a whisper that most of them come from the new Kings Drive development in Eastbourne that has risen like the ashes of a DODO Bird.  It looks already like a derelict site of jumbled up bricks slung together haphazardly without any thought for the beauty of the landscape that it has occupied.

Apparently RATS of the four legged variety have invaded the surrounding already established houses when they dug up the ground to lay the foundations for the new ugly structures to be built.  The two legged variety of RATS have made a nuisance of themselves around the small Rodmill Shopping area.  It is an element that Eastbourne could do without.

This is by no means the first of a build that doesn’t represent Eastbourne in the best possible light as near the Sovereign Centre Indoor Swimming Pool along Lottbridge Drove there are four buildings of flats that look more like a prison compound and all that is missing is the barbed wire on top of the fence.  Makes you wonder how or why the builders were allowed to build such monstrosities.  They certainly haven’t got the look that one expects Eastbourne to have.


I know this is an old chestnut and it is a subject that I have often wrote about in my columns, but drivers of vehicles are still breaking the law by being on their mobiles while driving.  Still having their main beams on parked on the side of approaching traffic so it blinds other road users. Still tailgating!  Still overtaking on bends!  Still going faster than the speed limit! And still using their fog lights when their isn’t any fog or mist and it is likely that those who do will be fined.


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