Having read quite recently about sinkholes and that the fact that there are 32,000 per year, but none of them have claimed the life of any living creature or person which is a phenomenal bit of luck.  When you think we could all be living over a potential time bomb waiting to happen!  Reading a report on sinkholes it states that if rain becomes acidic and as it drains itself through the earth it somehow eats away at the foundations of certain material and therefore creates this sinkhole.

Observations of many road surfaces have made me wonder about how strong the underneath part of a road is, especially on hills, having noted the top of Rodmill Drive in Eastbourne, the indentations of the road surface in two areas as you drive down towards the roundabout.  Repairs of road surfaces are made when a small hole appears, but could it be a sign of bigger holes to come especially when holes appear in the same spot because of a weakness in the foundation and should an in-depth investigation be made just in case an inevitable incident should happen?

As Sir Percy Blakeney of the Scarlet Pimpernel film quoted: “Sink Me!”


Why is it that when an older persons cause an accident, the authorities want older persons to take their driving test again and yet there are more accidents by younger persons which for some reasons are swept under the carpet?  It tends to be a one day event.*

The case of the senior person who drove his car down the wrong side of a motorway and caused a horrific accident and the death of someone gave a very bad impression that all older persons are of the same ilk.  They are not and as one report that came out from that enquiry, older people do need in some cases, transport to get away on holiday or to do their shopping.  Are we going to expect that all older persons are going to re-take their driving tests including the persons who want to instigate this measure, or will they be exempt as is the usual thing that happens!

Bicycle power seemed to hit the headlines when a very young man caused the death of a woman and yet managed to get away with murder and manslaughter and only given 18 months in a Detention Centre.   Pinch me somebody.  Am I in England or is this La – La – Land?

*Google how many young persons have caused road accidents!


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