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The Government have stated that Pensions will not be affected by any inflation problems and in due course the Pensions will be increased.  But it seems all of a sudden the Pensions Office has stated that we Pensioners have been overpaid so decreasing the amount of almost £30 per month for me and my wife has had the same letter and I was just wondering how many Pensioners have received this letter.  Obviously anything and everything Tory controlled stinks and mishandling of pensioners money is no laughing matter.

We are informed that the powers that be are are not expecting us to pay it back although the letter doesn’t inform us how many months or years that they have overpaid us and therefore we don’t have any idea how much we owe and as the Government have stated that we Pensioners will be getting an increase next year.  I just hope they do their sums right and we won’t be getting another letter stating they have overpaid us again.

Another anomaly on their part is getting my initials wrong – this just shows how attention to details seem to fly out of the window with authorities or on the other hand it could be a scam – I’ll just wait and see!


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