THE CON (servatives) and LABOUR PAINS!


As charming as Caroline Ansell is, I’m sure that having one’s photograph taken at different functions really doesn’t mean that that she had anything to do with the said items as written in her brochure that at the last minute popped through our letter box.

Theresa May seems bent on stating that Jeremy Corbyn is not fit to become Prime Minister like she is at present who does more U TURNS THAN I HAVE HAD HOT DINNERS especially on the NHS AND SOCIAL CARE.  I suppose she has to look after her RICH CRONIES and the only way to do that is to TAKE FROM THE POOR. As well as doing a spot of character assassinations on the side on all of her political rivals.

The reason that there are not enough police on the streets like there used to be is because Theresa May instigated the cuts and now as Prime Minister she is trying to point the finger at someone else – try looking in the mirror ducky! 

The FAT CATS she supports are desperate to get Theresa May elected so that they don’t have to look over their shoulders to see whether the TAX MEN ARE FOLLOWING.

Remembering incidents from the past – THE BEDROOM TAX – BUT NOT FOR THE RICH!  Claiming extra expenses for a house they don’t live in.  Cutting BILLIONS OF POUNDS FROM THE NHS AND SOCIAL CARE.  

Having experienced first hand the lack of service that should have been in place for my mother who had just reached 100 and had an accident and had cut her leg badly and was in a serious condition and had to wait in a corridor on a trolley for an hour and a half before she was attended to, and this happened every day.  There were fifteen other patients waiting.  This also tied up crews of the Ambulances that had to stay with their present patients.  What can you expect when the Tory driven management waste so much money on trivialities as one source informed me.  If billions of pounds had been placed in the NHS AND SOCIAL CARE BY THE CON (servatives) as Theresa May has stated – WHERE IS IT AND WHY IS THE NHS AND SOCIAL CARE ON THE PRECIPICE OF DISASTER?

The MP who has overspent on the last general election and who could go to prison – I can’t see justice being done in that respect – the jury and the judge will all be Tories and finally an MP will almost have got away with murder!

The Tories certainly have the right name – THEY CON YOU THIS WAY AND THAT WAY!



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