The Conservatives are up to their dirty tricks again because if they feel they are going to lose an important seat they malign the opposition with lies – it’s almost in line with their manifesto and reading the said document plainly states its not going to do much for the people that are struggling to make ends meet.

The Conservatives seem to point the finger at Labour’s Manifesto asking them where they are going to get the money from to make all these changes.  We know where the money is coming from with the Conservatives because they are Robbing Hood, Maid May and her Merry Men and they work in reverse.  They take from the poor and give to the rich as Maid May has allegedly hinted probably in error! 

The Secretary of State for Transport Chris Grayling. This is the same man who has presided over the utterly shambolic government response to the Southern Rail dispute during the last year or so. Suddenly, after ignoring Eastbourne throughout the whole process, he pays us a visit! Suddenly our Tory MP who has been mouthing government platitudes about the dispute for months now whilst singularly failing to secure a visit from Grayling to meet with our hard-pressed commuters and businesses, has got him to visit.

And what he came to announce isn’t even new – the £3M diverted to the offline study announced is part of their £75M promise which dates back to 2015 which – coincidentally – was given just before the last General Election by the Conservatives!

If their blatant, cynical electioneering wasn’t so laughably transparent one could almost weep with frustration. Shades of Cameron’s surprise visit at the time of the Pier fire…..

Our town has suffered terribly whilst this whole longstanding dispute has dragged on, and all the government and Grayling have done is either say – “nothing to do with us guv” or “it’s all them unions fault” rather than actually stepping up, showing some leadership and bringing ALL the parties around the negotiating table with no pre-conditions immediately

I’ve only seen Caroline Ansell at social functions and I have yet to be convinced that she works for Eastbourne and Willingdon – I’m hoping the people of Eastbourne and Willingdon come to their senses and vote for Stephen Lloyd who has done more for this district and the people as our member of parliament the year before and has worked tirelessly in the background this last year even though he wasn’t elected.  I believe the reason why he lost was because he was a thorn in the side of reasoning and also the people of Eastbourne and Willingdon stabbing him in the back by not voting.  One should vote for the man and his achievements.

Has anybody bothered to look on the internet and read the listing of promises made by the Tories for the last General Election – you will find a lot on the listing that DAVID CAMERON and his COHORTS’ MANIFESTO PLEDGES ARE MISSING.  In fact the reverse actions to the NHS, DOCTORS, NURSES, LOWER TAXATION, CARE FOR THE ELDERLY, PEOPLE WITH DISABILITIES, PENSIONERS, STATE OF THE ROADS, SCHOOLS and the list goes on.

People can’t be blind to see that things have got worse even those who voted for the Tory party last time and just in case you the reader or Tory need a reminder, the Tories wanted Junior Doctors to work weekends full time with no extra pay.  WOULD YOU AS A TORY PATIENT WANT TO SEE A VERY TIRED DOCTOR???  How many more stupid ideas will the Tories come up with if they are elected?

At the end of THERESA MAY’S MANIFESTO SPEECH SHE STATED:  MARGARET THATCHER WAS A CONSERVATIVE AND SO AM I AND THIS IS A CONSERVATIVE MANIFESTO – She stated it with passion and defiance and yet I seem not to understand the meaning of her words – SO WHAT!


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