The Maine @ The Haunt, Brighton 18/09/2017


If you like good music, The Haunt in Brighton will rarely let you down. I have been here a few times over the last couple of years to see bands and some solo artists.
The building itself is rather unassuming, during the day it looks like the back entrance to a restaurant, at night it’s neon sign promises more. It’s not a huge venue, it’s snug and scruffy, and extremely comfortable.

In my usual style I managed to miss the first support act Metamorphosis (but I purchased their EP which is excellent). The second support act, that I did arrive in time for, completely blew me away. Nightriots lived up to their name. The lead singer leapt around the stage with all the finesse of a younger more handsome Mick Jagger, sang on top of the huge speakers and even stood on the drum kit. It was indeed a riot of sorts, maybe the band had eaten too many Lucky Charms? Their energy was enviable. Their music had echoes of Simple Minds with a twist of Dead or Alive, and some serious pop punk.

The Maine, were the headlining act, this group have been around over ten years, their brand of rock music has everything you need. A charismatic lead singer (who also liked to sing on top of speakers), and a band that worked together so well they looked like they’d been doing it forever. Hailing from Tempe, Arizona, they rocked The Haunt with their unique alternative aura. The floor bounced along with the audience, not a person was stood still in the venue.

This is what live music is all about, singing along when you aren’t sure of the words, moving with the music (even if it is because the floor is forcing you to). This band is a reason for everyone to book tickets for bands they don’t necessarily know, sometimes there are hidden gems that prove that not all good music is in the charts.

Take a risk, pick a local venue, buy a ticket, and hopefully you’ll be supporting some not so well known, yet extremely talented musicians.


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