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With apologies to Robbie Burns, I will take a generalised quote from one of his poems as “the power of the gift to gee us, and to see ourselves as others see us”. Not a picture too many would want to see probably, well certainly NOT the people who definitely DO need to see themselves methinks!
Don’t worry though as I’m not about to paint my poetic pictures of you here, ( Ho ho, I do that in my books, which is of course another reason to buy them and to see yourself perhaps, or even how you could or do appear?), this article will be more of an inward look at myself which may be good, or possibly not?
Many perhaps would benefit from an advisor on them and their character, but not like the conniving Cassius in “Julius Caesar” who offered to be a “mirror for reflection” on Brutus, or more accurately his “glass”, to show the paragon of modesty Brutus was. Cassius then proceeded to use this to twist his views for his own aims. Later on in the play Brutus was to regret being taken in by the manipulation of Cassius and his “mirrored reflection” of himself, and I am sure we can all identify with that! I have a poem from my 3rd book on my words….

Word Search

I have really said some dumb things
And looked back on them since,
So that when I do recall them
It makes me groan and wince.

So now I try hard to rationalise
That what I said then was fine,
But no end of new excuses
Will rescind those words of mine.

Some were said in angry outburst
Others spoken maybe to be smart,
Whatever the reason I said them
Now I don’t know where to start.

Of course time changes and confuses
And meanings are different today,
But I cannot rest with this now
No matter what I think or say,
To try and settle in my head
That my actions were alright,
So now I must put my hands up
And concede without a fight.

I have really said some dumb things
And looked back on them since,
So that when I do recall them
It makes me groan and wince.

Therefore I must try to find solace
As I’m no solo refrain.
Just one of the many who spoke,
Without engaging their brain!

So the start to this article had great culture, Burns, Shakespeare and Mmmmm ho ho, my books too, but I will soon get back to my normal level with my next poem, but before I do that can we consider a look at ourselves and each other?
I am pretty certain that everyone will have winced and hated a photo of themselves at some stage, some most likely more often than others? The camera “never lies” it is said, well of course it can lie a bit, but mostly the everyday photos of us speak volumes, hence we don’t like them! Then of course there is the “overheard” comments and opinion of us which can hurt, though possibly they were meant to be nasty? Another question there, so I hope you are thinking hard!
Don’t worry though, I will turn to myself again as promised very soon, but before that let us finish the “unwanted, second hand or spiteful” things said about us…..
People often spit out and say their true feelings and thoughts if they are drunk or even when they lose their temper and give us all some more surprising and unpleasant feedback! OH yes, to have that gift to see ourselves as others see us!
Mmmmm, well perhaps there are times to pass on that, but you have a think then and perhaps tell me what you think. To know or not to know then, BUT is what has been said to or about us true, I wonder? Another poem on me, “Mr Splash” from my second book….

Mr. Splash

I call myself mister splash
And I just really cannot stop,
For however careful that I am
I always spill things with a plop.

Not like I’m dropping everything
More of a sort of splash about,
Like wielding a watering can
When I always drop the spout.

Any nicely rubbed clean surface
All cleared and wiped down dry,
Will soon be wet and soaking
When a tap jet makes water fly.

I can brew a lovely cup of tea
Even coffee I make well too,
But when walking to take it out
Then it will slop all on my shoe.

Washing up is nice and easy
And one of my usual chores,
But whilst all the cups are clean
There’s water all on the floors.

Pouring water from the kettle
Into the cups and saucers there,
Often makes a messy splash
That makes me cuss and swear.

Taking tea bags from the cups
And to put out into the waste,
Will always splat on the table
As I drop them in my haste.

So I’m trying hard to be good
And not splash stuff everywhere,
By slowing myself down a bit
Will help me take more care!

Hopefully that has lightened the mood and taken the spotlight off of you, Oh, ho ho, sorry I’ve just put it back! Never mind I’m sure it is a great view, and probably most people will like hearing the nice things said about them!
Yes quite a revelation if we could see ourselves as others see us in general life, but as anyone who has “put themselves up, out or forward” to sing, perform, etc or even write poems for publication like me, will know some comments are extremely complimentary, some constructive, while others can be helpful, or very fortunately in my case virtually nil (one), can be bitter and spiteful. All part of the “game”though…..
That then is an extremely good “lead in” (these articles are not just “thrown together” lol) to my next poem on another type of “view of us”…. No prisoners here, so from my second book “Game to Lose”….
Game to Lose

Your game of life is often played
In front of the watching crowd,
Who see your each and every move
As you stand small, or very proud.

So the fence sitters will only watch
How others cope with their game.
And decrying all those who’ve lost
Whilst jealous of the victors fame.

For if you won’t take a part in life
You can deride and mock at will,
All those who try to do their best
To enjoy life, and so they’ll fulfil.

So that’s why I have strongly felt
It’s far better to have tried and lost.
For if you won’t compete or try
You’ll much later count your cost,
Of just cowardly sitting at the side,
Never taking any risk or chance.
Making you a lonely, boring case,
And not worth a second glance!

But by getting stuck in having a go
It’s just possible you may win out.
And that must be so much better
Than not to know a winners shout.

So our cosy spectators of the world
Will always rue not being brave,
And missed the warmth of joining in
Thus taking a sadness to their grave!

I think most of us can identify with that at some stage in whatever form, interaction or just our everyday actions in life! Yes, yes, yes to see ourselves as others see us indeed!
Before I end I will briefly mention another type of reflection (sorry) on ourselves and that of course is back to the mirror, which can like a photograph give us unwanted images, but then we are able to take comfort, (really ? lol) in that we don’t need to look at ourselves all the time. O K, yes I KNOW some people do!
Last poem then and again quite apt I think and from my fourth book “Life Scene in Verse” Reflection section. “Alone in the Mirror”.

Alone in the Mirror

I am alone in the mirror
This face I’ve come to know,
That’s been staring back at me
From so many years ago.
But that face has changed now
Though the expression is the same,
For it has seen much of life
And situations you can’t tame.

This face has looked on loss
So tragic it creased with pain,
While trying hard to smile out
As inside the heart was slain.
Inner traumas rocked the soul
Which nearly split the seam.
Causing untold agony but,
Outside the face would beam.

So laughter which we cherish
Has cracked the outer look,
Though these smile fed lines
Will belie the times it shook,
With mirth, and sometimes grief
As it was worn across the years,
That eroded pristine youth
With many of life’s fears.

So that cruel mirror on my wall
Reflects the good and bad,
Showing with lines and wrinkles
All the years of life I’ve had.
But I’m not ashamed of this
Please don’t be taken in.
For though sometimes I force it,
Years drop off when I grin.

With perhaps a good tip for everyone in my last poem, I will end this piece on being seen by others, but with another suggestion too, and that is to just be yourself and people will like you or not! That is how I live my life, and I’m sure I will like all of you………

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