Weather, whether or wether


Weather, whether or wether

I couldn’t make my mind up this month whether to write on the weather or wether to get “Hawkeye Neill” scratching his head. I am sure he won’t have to scratch it for long, though a wether might make him think a bit as it did me. Sadly it makes male goats or sheep think even more retrospectively, deeply and maybe even wistfully!
However I am going to stick to the subject of the “weather”, having decided whether to or not. The weather, that wonderful “ice-breaker of conversational bashfulness”, with virtual strangers becoming good friends after one of them says something like “blooming grim weather for the time of the year”, and thus opens a flowing dialogue!
And of course not “any old weather”, because British weather is infamous for its treachery of trading sun for showers very quickly, although I do remember on my travels that Melbourne boasted (correctly), of having four seasons in one day. But then Australia, amongst other things, does have bigger, nastier and more deadly “stuff” than most places in the world! Hark, can you hear “Waltzing Matilda” playing?
“No worries sport”, though they would give almost anything for a drop of rain really! Rain? Now that is an excellent cue for the first poem in this article and called “Monsoon” and from my first book “Poetic Views of Life”, and written after the wet, wet, wet winter of 2013/14….


Pouring, soaking, drenching rain
Descends on us again and again,
Flooding, drowning, spraying wet
Day after day is all we get.

Pounding, crashing, driving wind
Hitting us as though we’d sinned,
Blowing, gusts, and shrieking bluster
So a sigh is all we can muster.

Pouring, soaking, drenching rain
Pounding crashing, a driving force.
Flooding, blowing, drowning storm
Batters us which ever the course.

The wind then drops to just a gasp
And after that the sunshine shows,
So when we feel like peering out
Another deluge freely flows.

Gusting wind, and driving rain
Twin partners in their crimes,
Get together to unleash on us
The very worst of times.

Houses flooded, power lines down
Wonder if we’ll freeze or drown,
Railways stopped, roads under water
Seems we’ve upset the devils daughter.

So that’s rain then, plenty of rain, or like the old saying my dear mum used to often say, “it never rains, but it pours”, or something like that! Full of sayings both of my fantastic parents, but especially my mum. Guess that is why I have grown into an author, poet and general writer, so you can blame my mum, but you would have loved her!
Considering the weather we are currently having, (May 2017) here in Britain, another of her “weather” inspired sayings of “Cast not a clout until May is out” is also very good advice.
Hopefully after the rain stops the sun comes out, before probably more rain comes again! Therefore many people go off to seek out the sun, or possibly a “sunny side of the street” in more ways than one! Sounds like another title for a poem! Oh it is, so now splendidly explained and outlined in my poem is “Sunny Side of the Street” from my fourth and latest book “Life Scene in Verse”.

Sunny Side of the Street

The sun will often shine down
Causing shadows where it meets,
Sides of the way or roadside
But can be sunny on the streets.

So some folk will always strive for
The best place to put their feet,
For they will just seek to be
On the sunny side of the street.
No rain of life must touch them
Or you will loudly hear them bleat,
The injustice of their fortune
If not on the sunny side of the street.

Many trials of life will test us
As to who can bear stress and heat,
Though lots will give up trying
To rest on the sunny side of the street.

But you can find many decent people
That you are overjoyed to meet,
Who don’t spend their life seeking
That sunny side of the street.
And maybe you will find some love
With someone oh so sweet,
But this can lead to heartbreak
If they want sunny sides of the street.

So this dismal story covers most
Who just want to run and retreat,
And be self centred and non triers
On the sunny side of the street.

Though life will have more for you
If appreciation of it you show,
Treating the world and people kindly
You’ll have sunshine wherever you go.

Yes, so there is recognition of certain types of folk, does anyone you know come to mind? I am sure there is, even maybe you? Come on you can tell me, just whisper it, I am very discreet, and certainly won’t write a poem about you, or would I? What do you think?
Back to the weather while you ponder then, and again to that flipping rain, but it does make things grow, refresh us, top up our waterways and even lead to romance if you are lucky enough to follow my next poem. It is from my fourth and latest book, “Life Scene in Verse”, so I present my poem “Rain Dance”.

Rain Dance

I saw you on the dance floor
And it seemed like it was raining.
We all felt we were getting wet
But no one was complaining,
As you went through your moves
Of your sublime sensual dance.
For everyone gaped spellbound
In their own erotic trance.

For me though it was eerie
As I had seen you in my dreams.
Knowing you would come sometime,
Least that’s the way it seems.
For I felt that you were here now
For only me, and me alone,
And now I had to find resolve
To reap what I had sown.

Because I believed you heard
When I was calling out for you,
Although I didn’t know your name
I knew my dream would come true.
So I stepped boldly forward
And scooped you in my arms,
Relieved to find you dry
As I was dazzled by your charms.

Thus now we are a pair
Though we often become as one,
Brought into a stark reality
In our world of constant sun.
But It’s a wonder how I knew you
From my dreams fleeting glance,
Showing only rain soaked movements
That made me take my chance.

So that was a nice thought and gives hope to all you dreamers. Do you dream? Nothing wrong with that, so you can own up being in very in capable hands can’t you?
It seems I have wandered, or dare I say got “blown off” the weather path particularly, but as this is a “muse” section article I can go anywhere with it without even using my “poetic licence”. But not to worry I can’t have ruffled too many feathers in this article, (my last couple might have, but never mind a?) and I will end with a poem on sunsets, (still with weather) from my second book “More Poetic Views of Life”, and this poem has been published in local newspapers and is entitled “Promise for Tomorrow”, as I’m sure we all like sunsets…

Promise for Tomorrow

Stunning, blazing, setting sun
Like a fireball in the sky,
Enriching even dismal views
Like a picnic for your eye.

It seems as if the day won’t leave
Without an ending glorious sight,
Before it passes into dark
It has to demonstrate its might.
Then promise that it will be back,
With a shepherds delight tomorrow
So the day can slip away,
With cheer instead of sorrow.

Stunning, blazing setting sun
Like a fireball in the sky,
Enriching even dismal views
Like a picnic for your eye.

But be sure when night has done
And surrendered all the gloom,
The sun will come up once again
All keen to show its bloom.

Thus the shepherd will be right
About the promised daybreak,
So the only way to spoil the view
Is with bad decisions we make!

Thus ends another “monthly muse” article from me then, and as ever, cheers, Laurie.

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