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The old saying that you never miss anything until it has gone is probably true in most circumstances and situations, but perhaps never more so than with people. Those that you have got to know well, intimately, perfunctorily, minimally or as close friends. So as I have written many of my poems extensively about my observations on people and their actions, trials and tribulations, I have also written about people’s reactions to loss or separation. Anybody following me on here will of course by now started to recognise where I am going with this, but good, as it’s all part of the fun.

Let’s then consider not missing anything until it’s gone. Mmmmm, not totally understandable that, is it? Like many of our old adages and sayings, we “know” what they mean, even if not completely comprehending the actual terminology, but before I get too pedantic let me offer a compromise with this please. Let us change “miss” it until it has gone with “appreciate”. Now I think that makes more sense and could even be argued sounds better. Thus you never appreciate anything until it’s gone then. There I think that is better, but as I’ve “oft said” I’m a poet and just offer conjecture, well mostly anyway, so on that note here is the first poem called “Silence Thunders” and is from my first book “Poetic Views of Life”…

Silence Thunders

Silence echoes loud as thunder

Like the voice of someone dear,

That you will never see again

Or feel their body near.

Silence echoes loud as thunder

In the rooms inside your home,

Where every noise will tell you

That you are all alone.

The special one has gone now

So won’t be heard to speak,

Or let you kiss and touch them

And so your eyes will leak.

It’s said you don’t miss someone

Until after they’re not there,

The gift is gone completely

So your life is really bare.

Silence echoes loud as thunder

Even if you are sincere,

So no future substitution

Can ever fully cheer.

There is silence in the heart

Like a thunder in the ears,

And so that silent thunder

Haunts your future years!

Well that has really got us started now on missing someone maybe we took for granted, or perhaps relied on too much to do more for us, as we reduced our input to them? No answer is required, for only the brave or brutally honest will own up, but not to worry for I’m sure it doesn’t, or certainly didn’t happen with all of us as we are the proverbial paragons?

Of course I repeat again, with my tongue firmly in place, that I’m only a poet and thus just suggest, prompt, observe, record and, oh all right, insinuate!

Next poetic offering and sticking to the theme is called “Last Dance Lesson” and is from my 2nd book entitled “More Poetic Views of Life”…..

Last Dance Lesson

You have danced your last on earth

No more to feel the rhythms true,

Though some will mourn your passing

As they never got to dance with you.

For dancing is a life expression

Your own personality and style,

Not just moves on a dance floor

But what makes you laugh or rile.

So if people missed your steps

And what you were all about,

They will never get to know now

Thus must look back with doubt.

Why they didn’t share with you

Gifts and humour that were unique,

So they’ve missed that awareness

However hard now they may seek.

Our dance on earth is precious,

Better if you share the beat

For the tango must have two,

So you may rue your retreat

Into sorrow for waltz or rumba

You will now have to do alone,

As you denied yourself a partner

Due to your heavy heart of stone.

For dancing is a life expression

Your own personality and style,

Not just moves on a dance floor

But what makes you laugh or rile.

Thus the band has nearly finished

And the dancing almost through,

So we must make our sacrifices

For who dances last with you!

That last metaphoric dance then, or any other final activity or conversation with someone no longer with you, I’m sure will stay with you forever. Especially, as many rueful people have told me before, it was a big row with lots of harsh words spoken! Best be nicer to each other then, just in case, but ho ho, there goes my sardonic sense of humour again….

Well this has all changed from my original direction a bit, but often my poems do that too. Some kind folks do say though, that these are often amongst my best, so there you are, and anyway I’m sure that anybody that this article resonates particularly uncomfortably with, will have stopped reading it by now anyway! Though of course as I said earlier about us being “paragons”, we are all fine, so no harm done then?

Third and final poem for this piece then is a bit deeper, but hopefully as usual gives “food for thought”. Called “After Life” it is again from my second book…

After Life

What becomes of the bereaved?

And how do they cope with loss.

After all the initial arrangements,

With sad goodbyes beneath a cross.

The home you shared is silent now

And your footsteps echo loud.

But there is no one there to tell

You now live beneath a cloud,

Of painful sadness, loss and tears

And no companion of many years,

Who often made you hopping mad

But the best friend you’d ever had!

The family do care but are so busy

Trying to keep their world intact.

And though they phone or call in,

Your strong resolve has cracked.

What becomes of the bereaved?

And how do they cope with loss.

After all the initial arrangements,

With sad goodbyes beneath a cross.

So who can see all your inner pain?

And take away the hurt and ache,

Of missing someone once so close

That you force each move you make.

You never thought you’d be alone

Thinking you would leave earth first.

But life never pans out as you think

So these fears are all your worst!

Then slowly, softly you come to terms

With acute loneliness and still.

While some people avoid you now,

You’re crushed by your empty chill.

So what does become of the bereaved?

When no one knows just what to say.

While your world empties and narrows

As you just try to fill each day!

A bit of a sad, but poignant note to end on then, with again hopefully a thoughtful message for us all to be kind to, and be appreciative of, those around us? I am sure we already are, and now will be………

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