Another Road Leading to Disaster


I wonder if all the persons who voted for the Conservatives last time realise they more or less sanctioned the closure of the NHS.  It is a well known fact that the Conservatives are famous or infamous for closing down well run establishments.  The Conservative Member of Parliament representing Eastbourne and Willingdon some time ago closed the Old Town Library and now it is run by volunteers.  It might not be as important as hospitals but it is an essential service for people living in that area and especially older people who depend upon the written word.

The Conservatives have cut a colossal sum of £22 Billion pounds from the budgets of all the hospitals in the United Kingdom and that’s not all – most hospitals are run by Conservative management who have added penny-pinching ways of serving themselves and not the persons who need essential operations and treatments.  As an example a source has disclosed that Eastbourne DGH waste a lot of their budget on non-essential items – this source didn’t go into specific details, but did express a deep horror that this sort of thing was allowed to happen.

Judging by the results of local elections – people are still blind to think that the Conservatives will govern in the interest of Joe Public.  All the promises they have made if they get elected will be rescinded after six months with lame excuses of not being able to provide a certain service without the necessary money and so that is why they can’t keep their word about what they had promised if they were elected.  This had happened before on another promise by the last Tory Government.   This old adage comes to mind – “The Blind leading the Blind.”

Corruption seems to spring up in all sorts of places – hence Wealden District, the once Head of their Planning Department decided to make alterations to her Grade II home without planning permission.  It seems to be ironic to say the least that a person with that status and in a position of trust should make such a terrible mistake.  I think that persons working for any local government department should take an oath of being fair and honest in all aspects of their job of work.   There must be many issues that have to be addressed in an office that deals with the public and their grievances.  Listening to both sides of an argument over boundaries of properties as an example that can happen on many occasions – I’m sure!

After I had served in the Royal Air Force I worked for the Government and I started my working life in the Passport Office in London and then transferred to 13 Downing Street and began a new career in the United Nations Department and had to sign the Official Secrets Act many times.  I knew I was in a position of trust and I was faithful to the secrets that I had learned.


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