Comings and Goings


It is probably true that most of us will see much coming and going in our lifetimes. This can be people, events, positions of power or figureheads and governments etc, but of course most appertaining to us will be people. All kinds of people in many different roles, but I suspect that spouses, mistresses and “fancy men” (if, ho ho, that is the male equivalent?) will leave the most profound effect on us all. What do you think?

Of course (any?) regular readers of my monthly offerings will have seen the recently finished trilogy on and about, romance where we looked at the three parts of romance, “attraction, connection and separation”. Thus readers will likely have all the answers. Or maybe not!

First poem for this article then, and aptly entitled “Comings and Goings” and from my 3rd published book, details at article end…

Comings and Goings

We open lots of metaphoric doors

As we journey through our life,

But also closing many too

On those who cause us strife.

For there’s happy doors and sad ones

And some possible to leave ajar,

If not needing a decision

Though best view these from afar.

So for me it’s like the famous glass

That is half empty or half full,

And people are either in or out

Though some outside may pull,

On a door I shut behind them

Not wanting to be left out.

But once I have removed you

That’s it, however much you shout!

For a friend or lover who betrays

Will surely do it all again,

And like the leopard with its spots

Their treachery will remain.

So if you want to turn your cheek

Don’t cry out if you get hit

Whilst trying to forgive their sin

Because they never are quite fit,

To tread the same boards as you

Protesting their lesson has been learned,

Despite all the care you gave them

Your love and respect they spurned!

So never fear having to close a door

For a better one will open wide,

With brighter better people coming

To you, standing gloriously inside!

In this day and age many of our comings and goings are likely to be captured by surveillance cameras that are set up all around us in out- town- centres, shops, garages, private set ups etc. Hey we can’t even have a surreptitious scratch now without being captured on umpteen cameras doing it.

Sadly now though, even churches appear to have security cameras as well, although I guess this is somewhat surprising and perhaps even enlightening as I thought they had the ultimate witness? Mmmmmm? Well onto my next poem for this article and again brilliantly “cued” as it’s called “Witness” and from my 3rd book as well….


An innocent bystander can observe

Many “going outs” and “coming ins,”

And whilst not wanting to be involved

May witness an array of sins!

For we are all spectators of life

Though many with blinkered eyes,

Apart from scenes that involve them

Thus they bask under cloudless skies.

Of course until their sunshine is gone

When they will shout for you and me.

But generally they’ll be indifferent

As none are so blind as will not see

So we can bear witness to our world

Occasionally making comment to seek

Correction or change, but mostly don’t,

For if not our problem, we’re loathe to speak.

Though obviously all the worlds wrongs

Cannot be solved by just one voice

That has witnessed man’s injustices,

Though some will make the choice,

To make a growing chorus

So much harder to then ignore,

But for many it’s too much trouble

And through contented sleep they snore!

So there we are, cameras and witnesses, all watching our comings, going and everyday activities too, but HEY, there’s part of me that thinks if people want to watch and observe me let them go ahead. I haven’t anything to hide, well ho ho ok, maybe the odd scratch, but come on “own up”, we ALL do that don’t we?

Being a bit more serious briefly, I do understand that many people get very irate and protective about all this video camera filming of us, and whilst I largely don’t mind, I do appreciate their efforts to protect themselves and us all generally, from it becoming a total “big bother watching” scenario. The cameras do though, catch many criminals and their activities on film which leads to many prosecutions so again I guess it is a matter of opinion that we all freely have.

Onto my last poem on this subject, and maybe a bit more of a subtle (lol, yes “I” CAN do subtle) reflection on the theme, but more one of my “reflective” section offerings. From my 2nd book “More Poetic Views of Life” I present my poem “Doorstop”….


A door can be unpleasant

If shut right in your face,

Or closed tight and daunting

To most of the human race.

For if solid you won’t see in

At scenes played right inside,

Allowing secrecy of actions

That insiders want to hide!

Doors literally go both ways

And can keep you safely in,

Protecting you and property

From those out to commit sin,

Or allow yourself some space

And the privacy you need,

From those unwanted callers

Who “don’t disturb” won’t read.

But shut doors aren’t sealed

As a key can work the lock.

If you want to give access in,

To folk without their knock!

So a door can be friend or foe

Depending on mood or need,

Like locking it to strangers

Who may only enter for greed.

Whilst you can happily open

Your door to someone dear,

That you will always welcome

As you know they are sincere!

So to move on then from comings and goings, if you can forgive my “little pun”, I would just add seriously, that if you hold someone very dear to you, do your damnedest to keep them close and not let them “come and go!”…..

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