A Bad Reaction?


We will probably all of had some form of bad reaction in our lives, but perhaps the most significant are with people. Those people who don’t quite “get you”, or people that you find somewhat irksome and annoying too.
Well quite likely the glaringly unaware, self-centred and maybe deluded couldn’t possibly begin to recognise their adverse effect on other people, which exacerbates a bad reaction or even an allergy further!
Don’t worry we cannot possibly be thinking of you, although if you read my recent article (The Only Gift?), about not seeing ourselves as others see us, it may bring doubts and concerned thoughts into play? Or will it? My mum used to say “if the cap fits wear it”? Head wear department anyone?

A poem to suit I think, and from my 2nd book……

The Farmer and the Magpie

The farmer works ploughing fields
And scatters good seed around,
The Magpie will not do a stroke
But takes all that can be found.

The farmer’s day starts at early dawn
And he works hard all year long,
The Magpie will take from everyone
Not thinking they’ve done wrong.

For it seems to some people in our life
They can give no bean nor clout,
So the more that they see you put in
That bit extra they take out!

The parable of the Talents
Tells of the man who wasted
All that he was given then,
Took yours you’d not yet tasted.

So our farmer works his boots off
To provide for him and friends,
Whilst the Magpie looks slyly on
Then just squanders more, and spends.
Not thinking of the workload
That farming types put in,
But for our opportunist thief
Such a commitment is a sin!

It must be some strange attitude
That allows the thief to thrive,
Off the back of others work
Like the farmer’s gathered hive.

But all this doesn’t matter
To our thieving Magpie’s gains,
For not a jot or care has he
For ours or the farmer’s pains!

So that is the magpie person then, and we will all know some of those people I am pretty sure. But what exactly is it that causes the almost immediate recognition that we don’t like someone, or the feeling they don’t like you, and long before their behaviour, like the magpie for example, manifests itself ?
Apparently research suggests that we make up our minds about new people within those first few minutes and interactions of meeting! Nearly everyone has “gut reactions” about people and situations, and in my career I learnt very well to heed and be aware of them! How we deal with these awarenesses however is crucial, because it is very easy to read signs wrong, so quite a conundrum here, but surely not for us? Or is that another bad reaction trait?

Another poem then, and again from my 2nd book “More Poetic Views of Life”, and this one called “Better or Worse?”

Better or Worse?

The years that pass will change us all
For many better ways, some worse.
Struggling through life’s many trials
We will be tested, chapter and verse.

People we meet in life may cheat
And not turn out as we perceived,
But if we challenge or call them out
They’ll protest, and be aggrieved.
For we’ve not measured up for them
All they needed to take from us,
Thus we must stand there as accused
Denied speech, or to make a fuss!

So the time that’s passing changes all
But if faltering we can be condemned.
Though our good points are overlooked
And our errors we did not amend.

Many disputes are caused by love
And disagreements as to who is best.
So friendships that stood many years
Will struggle to survive this test!

If someone once close can succeed
When your friend and mate just fails,
A jealousy and sourness may arise
As friendship poisoned, just derails.

Our money is a tricky source of change
When wasted, stolen, lost or gained.
For everyone could make their pile
And those who didn’t, say they refrained
To take the opportunities that they had
Because to achieve all is so simple,
But of course didn’t take their chance
So hate disfigures, like a rash or pimple.

Thus life will salute all those who stand
Unbeaten, without change, so sincere,
Through all ravages of life upon them.
But maybe not so good as they appear.
For little temptations may have wrought
Some small dents in their gold exterior!
And denied too vigorously if not true
Prove that they actually are inferior!

A bit of hypocrisy described there and thrown into the bad reaction mix too, but most certainly not our good selves of course! Oh for that wonderful gift “to see ourselves as others see us” then, as we carry on with a form of blind indifference that often seems to work.
Time to introduce another character that I have observed and so proceeded to write about, but is this person like you? It could be many people I think, but perhaps some more than others, though I’m sure you will make your own mind up, as I only watch and report in verse…….
Another poem from my second book again, but don’t worry the whole book isn’t a “theme” as there are 65 poems in it. Perhaps you have read it or intend to buy at a later date, so am sure you will enjoy!
The Sad Man

The sad man strives to be the best,
Well that is what he hopes.
But his heavy heart can never rest,
That is why he always mopes.

He closely watches others gains
To compare and check himself,
For he fears that if not the brains
He will be left back on the shelf!

Not noticing others self content
Who work and live with pleasure.
The sad man just cannot relent
Watching how well he’ll measure.

For standing out and shining bright
Matters more in life to him.
And yearning for a glowing light
Just makes him look more dim.

He closely watches others gains
To compare and check himself,
For he fears that if not the brains
He will be left back on the shelf!

But climbing up the tree of life
Can leave the sad man tired,
With no joys and only strife
He will have very soon expired!

The “sad man” (or woman perhaps?) then, and quite a common sight in certain sections of life, although they have been been known to overlap somewhat, so to speak!
Well by now I think you should be getting my metaphoric picture that I’m trying to paint, but don’t stress yourself too much if you haven’t, for as I’m feeling in a generous “poetic mode” I will present a poem that will “put it on a plate for you”! But have no fear, as I will not tell on you, but just put it into a published poem perhaps?
From my latest, and fifth published book in just over three years, is the “give away” poem that I promised to help you complete my “written profile” of a bad reactions, so all clever stuff then, and ho ho my books are not just thrown together!


The Bluebells in the woods
Proclaim the coming time of spring.
And all hopes for a bright new year
With masses of joy to bring
To your celebratory table,
Laid out for the greatest feast
Consumed by all, but especially,
Those who contribute the least.

Sawdust can clog up the works
Whilst bullshit can baffle brains.
So ensure your mind is clear
And that all the rubbish drains
From the well oiled machinery,
Running in clockwork perfection.
Thus no action or effort is required
To improve or make correction.

Bees and butterflies seem to dance
As they go about their work,
With a gusto and involvement
That many would try to shirk,
Although ensuring that for them
A lions share is obtained,
Without a hint of conscience
That in the effort they abstained.

So round and round spins the world
And fortune just a random prize,
Though often only gained by those
Who never care, or tries
To look out for any others,
Only what will effect them.
They believe that no one noticed
But watching eyes condemn.

So completion of some evidence about the manifestations of bad reactions and all those other facets that go to make the human race so fascinating, or should that be frustrating? You decide while you peruse my now five books that are all on sale and donate to charity!

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