A Road Leading To Disaster!


I found the car of my dreams that I wanted to lavish some extras on – a Toyota Hybrid and I decided that parking sensors would be a great idea front and back – although when placing it in the garage all hell breaks out and you wonder why you did it!  The second part of my spending was having cameras fitted at the front and rear of the car in case the inevitable happened.  The cameras are discreetly placed and can’t be seen by other drivers and a voice speaks to you informing you that the microphone is on or off.  I have had the vehicle several months and it hasn’t rewound yet.

One thing that does happen when going over a hole in the road and one wheel loses contact with the road surface, a yellow light briefly appears on the panel of dials and the camera at the front gives a musical jingle and it just goes to show the state of our roads that when taking a journey of four miles about five weeks ago – it jingled nine times.

At some point in the future Insurance Companies will insist on all cars having cameras as there are so many road accidents happening and mostly by teenagers having just passed their driving tests and who like to show off to their female occupants and some never see the light of day again.

If you are an older driver it is only those that are reported in the nationals I have noticed and yet if you check up on the statistics and percentages of accidents on our road they are usually by those ranged between 16 and 50 years old that are hidden from public knowledge.  It’s another way of saying by the Government that if you’re over 70 you’re no good for anything unless of course you vote for them.  I suggest to the reader to search the internet and with the right sort of question you can find out that young age groups are the main cause of road accidents even though it’s not common knowledge and probably the reason for that is is mainly young persons have to pay hefty sums of money for insurance and with the Governments VAT rate it adds money to their coffers.


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