Great news and recognition for “columnist and poet”


Two great bits of news and publicity for The Psychy Poet very recently. The excellent charity for Motor Neurone Disease in East Sussex asked to use my poem “The Easy Life” from my 2nd book “More Poetic Views of Life”, to help raise awareness of disabilities. Pleased to help and many thanks for great compliment for my work!

MNDA East Sussex Branch

The Easy Life

We take our life for granted
So easy to talk the talk,
But have you ever imagined…
A life if you can’t walk?

Many get by in a wheelchair
Showing tremendous courage too,
But however you look at it
Tasks are twice as hard to do.

Everything we accept as usual
So simple for you and me,
Like using a public toilet
But disabled need a key.

Having a meal round a table,
We do it most every day.
But if sat there in a wheelchair,
You may feel in the way.
Whilst disabled do not choose it,
Doing most things is a chore,
Trying to navigate our pavements,
Or even opening a door.

Lots of folk have no understanding
Of how disability is involved,
With complications of movement
However determinedly resolved.

Add compromise of privacy
With independence reduced,
These make many life restrictions
Just however they’re deduced.

So perhaps for best comprehension
Go round in a wheelchair for a day,
And without doubt you will realise,
You can’t moan or feel dismay!

Copyright of The Psychy Poet Laurie Wilkinson & My Voice Publishing

Laurie Wilkinson is a talented and prolific now four times published modern, down to earth poet, originally from east London, and now living in Eastbourne. He supports & fund raises for the charity ‘Help for Heroes’, and also donates to them from all book sales, his “Write you a Personal Poem” service and various poetry reading and speaking presentations.

His four books are all available from Amazon :-
Poetic Views of Life
More Poetic Views of Life
Reviews of Life in Verse &
Life Scene in Verse,

If you would like to know more about Laurie and his poetry he has a Facebook page The Psychy Poet Laurie Wilkinson, and his website is:-

Thank you to Laurie for allowing us to share this wonderful poem with you!

AND also, not one but TWO of my poems have been chosen again for National publication !!!
Forward Poetry ( they have already published FOUR of mine), have chosen both “Is it Merry Christmas?” for their book “Winter Wonders” and my powerful anti-terrorism poem called “BOMB” for their book “Mind Matters”. Both of course are in the respective National Poetry finals too…. (Both also published in my books by My Voice Publishing)…. 

All in all a very good couple of days!


About Author

I am a five times now published modern down to earth poet, originally from east London, now living in Eastbourne. I support & fund raise for the charity Help for Heroes, and also donate to them from all my book sales.

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