I understand that because of persons’ silly parking in Abbey Road Eastbourne, this has denied the Environment Department Staff to empty the dustbins at the top end of that road.  Those living in that road have to put up with parents parking their vehicles every day morning and afternoon to bring and meet their children from the two local schools in that area.  Mostly persons driving 4 x 4 motors that take up a lot of space, some bringing one child.  I wonder what has happened to walking to school.  In my day the luxury of being driven to school wasn’t even an option.  My Father was in the army fighting a war and my Mother couldn’t drive and in those days it was hard for persons to buy such a luxury item and because of that there were very few cars on the road.

Persons living in Abbey Road all pay their Council Taxes and are entitled to have their dustbins emptied, but it seems that other persons’ selfishness and thoughtless actions in parking have denied that service.  For argument sake it could be a far worse situation if one of three major services were called out and they couldn’t get through and a tragic end if there was loss of life.

Abbey Road is a moderately smaller in width and cars usually have to park on the pavements so that vehicles that are larger than the average vehicle can drive through safely.

These days I can understand that it is necessary to escort children safely to school in vehicles and for those that have that chore probably drive on to work or shopping – but a plea from the residents of Abbey Road:  Please be more considerate and park sensibly as you may be putting other persons in danger if an Ambulance or Fire Engine is called for and they can’t get through to that address.


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